Gasthaus Spinas in Val Bever valley

A warm Allegra & Bainvegni in the car-free zone

The Gasthaus Spinas, which is first mentioned in historic records in 1876 as the former Restaurant Suvretta, lies idyllically and cosily nestled amidst ancient larch trees at the end of the Val Bever Valley. During the construction of the Albula tunnel more than 100 years ago, Spinas was home to a small army barracks with up to 400 men, women and children. Today only a few individual buildings of the barracks remain. One of these is the Gasthaus Spinas, which lies at 1818 metres above sea level, and features two homely parlours; the original French bowling alley dating back over a century; a fondue room; and 12 simple yet charming guest rooms – it is a unique gem in the Upper Engadine.

Arrive - Unwind - Enjoy

The car-free Gasthaus Spinas is the ideal place for families, nature lovers, sports enthusiasts and bon vivants. Our philosophy: unadulterated nature and regional, seasonal delights from our kitchen, served with honest hospitality. Our long-serving head chef Andreas Furrer will provide you with culinary treats in the form of home-made, hand-crafted delicacies, accompanied by selected wines from our cellars.

At the “Spinas”, the proprietor Roland Gruber – alias “AK” – will give you the kind of warm welcome for which South Tirol is famous.

Did you know?

The popular “Hugo” cocktail also comes from South Tirol. Its official inventor is... you’ve guessed it: “AK” Roland Gruber. So it makes sense that the original Hugo is the new house drink at the “Spinas”.

“AK” Roland Gruber & his team






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