Culture and events in winter Engadin

Culture and events

In winter, the Engadin offers a richly faceted range of culture, unique events and customs. Equestrian sports have a long tradition in the Engadin. The Concour Hippique takes place on the polo field in St. Moritz. The event has become unmissable for riders wanting to take part in an open-air tournament in winter.

Snow Polo

The world's first tournament on ice was played in 1985 in St. Moritz. To this day, "Snow Polo" is the world's most important tournament. Teams of world-class players offers a great spectacle on the frozen lake of St. Moritz. Look forward to gastronomic offerings to suit every taste, to entertainment, and of course to great sport.

White Turf St. Moritz

White Turf St. Moritz is the international horse race on snow held since 1907. It is the social highlight of the season. Alongside the flat races and harness races, St. Moritz also hosts the world's most exclusive skikjöring race, in which the "riders" are pulled along on skis by their horses.

Olympia Bob Run

The world's most famous bobsleigh run is the Olympia Bob Run in St. Moritz. It is the only remaining bobsleigh run made of natural ice in the world, and is constructed using only snow, water and muscle power. It is the regular venue for European and world championships, the European and World Cup, as well as the Swiss championships. Would you like to take a ride on it? Safely nestled between the pilot and break operator, you can take a fantastic adrenaline ride as a guest on this 1.7-kilometre-long natural ice run. In 75 seconds, you thunder along at up to 135 km/h in the four-person bobsleigh towards the finish in Celerina.

St. Moritz Gourmet Festival

Things are much less sedate, but therefore very fine, at the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival. Held every year since 1994, this festival takes place in late January and early February, and lasts five days. The main attraction of this festival is the Michelin-starred guest chefs from Switzerland and abroad. Each year is dedicated to a different theme. Yet it is not only the highly decorated top chefs cooking in the participating luxury hotels during this week that draw admiration, but also the Engadin's up-and-coming talent. Because the organisers care about supporting young talented chefs, a competition for junior chefs is held ahead of the festival. The competition is open to all trainee chefs from the Engadin in their third year of training.

Cricket on Ice

The Cricket on Ice event has been taking place since 1988. Something which started off as a "crazy” idea has become a firm fixture over the years. Cricket on Ice offers guests a unique spectacle. Even if you don't understand the rules, the game is an exciting experience with its lightning-fast throws, spectacular leaps and the acrobatic handling of the cricket bat.

FIS Skiing World Cup St. Moritz

Since 1988, St. Moritz is once again the regular venue for the Skiing World Cup race for men and women. The St. Moritz Classic is an unmissable event in the women's Skiing World Cup calendar. St. Moritz has played host to four skiing world championships, with the last one being held in 2003. The fifth World Cup will take place from 6 to 19 February 2017.